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Web hosting in Europe 2022 Which is the best and most professional?

Welcome to this complete article constantly updated in 2022 and specialized in the technical keys and that provides an extensive in-depth comparison between the best web hosts in Spain, all the terms and technical information that you should know before hiring web hosting in Spain, You also have access to discount coupons to hire your web hosting at the best price as well as the results of the web hosting comparison offered in Europe that will help you to choose with guarantees and total reliability the best suitable European web hosting for your project in Europe. Having a good web host to host your website in Spain regardless of the size of the web size or the project blog is vital to achieve good web performance, increase sales and achieve a better user experience on the website or Blog.

What is the Best Web Hosting in Spain for your web project?

We offer you a comparison and information not sponsored by web hosting companies, which can help you find the most suitable European web hosting for your project. We are going to show you some of the technical keys to choosing a good web hosting for your web project hosted in Spain by companies that offer their services in Spain. We will talk about technical aspects showing experiments carried out in several hosting providers at the same time and also economic aspects and value for money to be able to make a decision. Hopefully this article will help you answer common questions when hiring web hosting. How and why to choose a good web hosting provider in Spain? What is the best hosting option for my blog or website? We will start by explaining the determining technical aspects in choosing a web hosting.

What technical aspects to take into account and know about a Web Hosting before hiring it?

  • What is a web hosting IP address? An IP address is a unique address on the Internet where the project web page is hosted. It usually has this format: 12,255,255,255 is a number made up of four digits separated by a period where each digit is a number from 1 to 255.
  • What is a web hosting IP address? An IP address is a unique address on the Internet where the project web page is hosted. It usually has this format: 12,255,255,255 is a number made up of four digits separated by a period where each digit is a number from 1 to 255.
  • Do we hire web hosting with ASP.Net or Linux? We will choose Windows-based hosting to use and install or Windows-based applications. We will choose Linux to use WordPress, Joomla or open source based applications PHP .
  • What does web hosting latency mean? We can define latency time of a web as the time that passes from the request of web resources from a browser to a server and the response time of this, the response time or latency increases the greater the geographical distance between the web servers and the corresponding users of the target market, eg. ex. Spain market.
  • What does geolocation of web hosting mean? The geolocation of a web server refers to its geographical location.
  • What is TTFB (Time to first byte)? the TTFB measures the reception time of the first byte of the page in the client browser from when it makes the request to the web server. The geographic location of the web server affects the latency as we have seen in the previous point, the TTFB affects the latency also since it also takes into account the time transmission of data from the server to the client but it can also take into account the capacity and speed of the server in processing the information and responding to the request. A high TTFB may mean that the server is not rendering the page properly or that there is something wrong with it.
  • What kind of Hard Drives are there? We can find two types of hard drives in web hosting servers. HHDs and SSDs. The HHD are hard drives with old mechanical characteristics that have been used and continue to be used, where the disk rotates both to store and to obtain the information stored inside. There is always a slight delay while the disk spins to complete a task. The SSD are disks that do not need to rotate to access the information, instead all the information is housed in microprocessors. Because SSD hard drives don’t spin to access information, they can load data more quickly.
  • What version of PHP + MYSQL to choose in the hosting? The version of the programming language on which our applications work influences their robustness, and the speed they deliver and manage the contents to the user. In the case of content managers based on PHP and MySql, such as WordPress and Prestashop, among others, the use of the new version of PHP 7 and the use of MySQL in its latest versions -version 5.7 minimum- offered by web hosts in Spain provide among other advantages an improvement of modernized functions that have a positive impact in the performance and speed of web processes.
  • What advantages does HTTP / 2 provide over HTTP? The HTTP / 2 protocol replaces the HTTP / and incorporates these important improvements in the loading time of a website hosted on a web hosting: Server Push. Header compression and Number of connections TCP reduced.
  • What is a page cache? The web cache is a resource used to temporarily store some static web documents, subject to technical conditions, for example:
    jpeg and png images, HTML text files, PHP , among others, CSS and Javascript JS style sheet files and other files, for example files. ico or .svg. There are web hosting companies that allow the web to be hosted in the server’s RAM memory and provide these cache systems for free that improve the performance of the web compared to the usual memory systems based on web applications such as Example W3caché or Supercaché for WordPress.
  • What is GZIP compression of web files? Compression GZIP allows displaying the same files but with reduced weight compared to the original size. Allowing to load HTML, CSS, JS files and multimedia documents faster and improving the user experience and the loading time of a website. GZIP compression is based on Apache server protocols and by accessing Cpanel it can be activated in a simple way.
  • What does Uptime or Uptime mean? Metric that measures the correct functioning of the server giving service regarding the time of low or shutdown. The higher the percentage the better. E.g. 99.9% Uptime.
  • What is the web hosting Control Panel for? The control panel of a web hosting is a tool where you can manage all the administrable characteristics of the server such as FTP accounts, email accounts or installable software tools and technical aspects of the server. We recommend a web hosting that allows you to easily migrate its configuration and data based on standards such as Plesk or Cpanel, without a doubt when changing providers will greatly facilitate these tasks.
  • What does multi-site or multi-site web hosting mean? Allows you to configure several websites and domains associated with the same web hosting, very useful to have several projects managed on the same web hosting. Ideal for small or medium-sized websites.
  • What do the terms mean, disk space size, number of email accounts, number of databases and number of FTP accounts? These terms refer to the resources offered by the web hosting, number of accounts and size that the web hosting allows to manage. The more versatile and the more unlimited accounts the better.
  • What is 24/7 support? Technical support measured in its availability. 24/7 means 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. the more availability the better.
  • Is it recommended to use SSL Certificates and SSH access? The SSL certificates installed provide security to the domain and reliability to the user. SSH access guarantees security when transferring files. If the web server provides both for free, the better.
  • One click installation of WordPress, Joomla applications, among others. Many web hosts based on Cpanel or Plesk allow you to install popular blogs, websites and content managers for free in just a few clicks.
  • What is a CDN or content delivery managers? A CDN offers the user download points for static content such as images and files across different download points or servers additional located in different geographical locations, thus serving the end user to download content from the server closest to their location. Some providers offer free CDN features in their web hosting offerings.
  • What is GIT for WordPress or Prestashop? GIT / development version control software in WordPress, prestashop. Useful in version maintenance of applications when they have a large number of code files.
  • What is Staging for wordpress or Prestashop? Having a Staging or cloning application for website testing with one click and automatically means being able to very easily create an exact replica of the page in WordPress or in Prestashop, saving time on plugin installations or manual mirroring.

What to assess before, Price or Hosting Features?

In recent years, web projects for small businesses, SMEs and even larger companies have begun to use the versatility, scalability, ease of use by the end customer and benefits of open source applications based on PHP + MySQL. Some examples of these applications based on open source PHP can be WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla or Magento, and they have acquired a very large user quota, especially WordPress in the field of web pages / blogs and Prestashop for online stores. Although these applications based on PHP and MySQL are versatile and have energized the web sector in recent years, they consume many more resources from the Server Database than traditional flat HTML-based websites without database queries. It is at this point where the choice of a good web hosting becomes important given that there is a direct relationship between the performance of a web page, its loading time and the obtaining of clients or the completion of the processes of obtaining clients through it. . The better the web page performs in terms of a better loading time offered by it, there is a greater probability of improving SEO and as well as the results obtained through the web page.

What web hosting to hire to start according to the type of project?

To start with a blog as a first diary, write a personal reflection or simply open a first blog or website as a test, learning or without being clear about trying to make a website profitable for a company or project on an ongoing basis that requires more resources of the web server, it can even be worth a cheap and cheaper option, the problem is that cheap web hosting options entail low quality technical resources for our website to work effectively. For any business or professional project, whether it is a small self-employed person or a business that is starting, we recommend a medium web hosting option which offers us good features at an affordable price. Without a doubt, by investing a little more at the end of the month we can have a good server to host our website to start a marketing online project. All the Spanish options presented below have options below € 10 / month that undoubtedly meet a minimum of professional technical requirements that offer us good technological and service guarantees. From about €5/ month we can find very good quality European web hosting with very interesting technological options for projects of different sizes. From about € 20 or € 30 / month we can have a good web host that begins to differentiate the performance of our project. The options of VPS -virtual private servers- or dedicated servers have to be invested a little more still, but they are worth it by having your own machine -managed or not- for the project.

How to choose a Hosting company in Spain?

Contrary to what you might think at first, hiring a hosting supposes having a set of services associated with a web server and that is where the choice of provider becomes very important. A web host that offers a high-quality technical proposal translated into important technical features for hosting our website will help add positive characteristics for performance and operation of the project of the business or personal web. It should be noted that low-cost web hosting is usually characterized by not offering a high final quality both in support and in the technology used for hosting. As part of a low cost commercial policy, the services and technical characteristics will go hand in hand. We can include 1&1 within low-cost European web hosting, who due to their aggressive commercial policy has a large number of clients in Spain because normally for projects of low technical scope or because some are first personal or business projects Users usually choose this option of technical quality not high prioritizing the price offered by this German operator. Undoubtedly, all the technical aspects mentioned to take into account when hiring a web hosting in Europe are important when choosing it, in short, we can prioritize these technical aspects:

  • technical support.
    • quality of support.
    • support availability time.
  • disk space.
  • FTP accounts, email, users, among others.
  • versions of PHP + MySQL
  • self-installers of software and applications.
  • type of hard drives.
  • backups offered.
  • monthly / annual price.
  • HHTP / 2, SSH, SSL certificates, among others.
  • uptime or server operating time, its RAM memory.
  • shared hosting VS virtual cloud hosting VS dedicated hosting.
  • if the project is focused on web development and / or web programming, we may need essential features for developers, such as:
    • GIT / development version control in WordPress, prestashop.
    • One-click website staging / cloning.

Experiments 1 and 2 on Geolocation and Latency Time: Are the Location and Geolocation of our Server important?

Yes, the location and geolocation of our web server is important. In some projects in which users usually choose Lowcost options, such as 1&1, the websites are hosted in Germany, which should not represent a handicap except when our client and objective of the website is in Spain. This means that if our client is Spanish, and we also want to sell through our website or obtain contact requests for both commercial information or services offered by our company from potential clients, it is optimal to have a website in Europe/ IP European dedicated to offering the website to potential clients in this country, in this case Spain. The reason is twofold:

  • for data protection reasons the data center / data processing center of the web must have a Spanish IP .
  • low-cost web hosting hosted in other countries apart from being of lower quality, generate a higher latency time , that is, the connection time between the end user of the web and the server as well as the data transmission between both is higher.
    1. Experiment / comparison 1. Using the PING command launched from Valencia (Spain/ Europe) of the response time between a hosted web hosted with 1 & amp; 1 (Germany) compared to another hosted on CDMON (Spain/ Europe) . The web hosted in Spain takes 25 msec less to return the information.
    2. Experiment 2. & nbsp; Using a load analyzer obtaining the response time of the TTFB -Time to First Byte- from the server located in Europe:

See results of Experiment 1 and 2 (click on the corresponding image or navigate to the image).

Does the quality of a web hosting influence SEO?

According to experiments carried out by companies such as Bing, Google or Mozilla, the term WPO – acronym of the English Web Performance Optimization, contemplates both the analysis and the proposal of techniques to improve the performance and loading speed of the web, reducing the waiting time in the end user’s web browser and thus improving the browsing experience of the same.
One of the first forerunners of improving web loading time and its impact associated with SEO terms in later years was Steve Souders the which coined the term “web performance optimization” already in 2004, making an important prediction about the impact that the optimization of resources and the loading time of the web would have in a few years. Steve Souders himself in 2007 concluded as one of the main ideas that:

At least 80% of the loading time it takes for a web page to download and display is controlled by its front-end or structure and resources displayed in the final browser itself.

Part of the improvement of the technical resources consumed by the browsers in their front end -Front End Optimization-, reducing the data and bandwidth destined to the data exchange between the client and the server can be achieved by means of WPO for loading time improvement that does not affect web design< / a>, however part of this improvement in the loading time of the web can be obtained by hiring a good web hosting server according to the needs of the project. Among other advantages, an improvement in the loading time of the web and a good web hosting server allows:

  1. Improves the commercial results of the web.
  2. Decreases the bouncing rate -bouncing rate- and increases the time spent on the page of users.
  3. Helps the user not to leave the page.
  4. Helps the user to complete the conversion processes on the pages.

Is it useful to have a European IP?

Sí, basado  An experiment on the geolocation of the web server and the location of our Server with a European IP we assume that it is beneficial to have a IP. It is useful to have a Spanish IP in the web hosting when hiring it. Contrary to the option chosen for first projects due to low cost reasons in other continents, having a European or Spanish IP for a web project in Europe aimed at a european web audience brings reduction benefits of loading time of the web, as well as being able to be sure that the data hosted on the web, may comply with the GDPR -with the Center of Data Processing / Datacenters in Europe-

It should be noted that even if the IP of the web is European, if the web hosting is outside of Europe, and we or our possible clients within Europe, even if the server has an Euopean IP but without being physically within the country, we may have more latency time on our website since the files and data would be further away from us -see provider comparison to see server specifications-.

What web hosting can we hire in Europe?

We present these 4 options for web hosting of proven quality to undertake a web project in Spain. In addition, in the following point we offer you a comparison of these 4 web hosting providers in Europe, in full detail, period per point, including all technical and commercial characteristics.

Web Empresa

webempresa hosting disccount

Undoubtedly a heavy and classic weight of web hosting in Spain, it has been offering service since 1997. Technology partner of the French giant OVH. It has excellent technical support with a very good response time. It has a good product within a medium price range, offers technological innovation in web hosting at an affordable price such as: anti-hacking rules, free image optimization, SSD drives, free SSL certificates, HTTP / 2, free web transfer , among others.

My experience and personal opinion using Web Empresa

All the small and medium size websites that I have tested on their servers, and based on CMS technology and bootstrap templates have loaded with a very good speed. They have superb technical support, and they answer within minutes. It is a company that has helped me in the projects hosted, with a very professional kindness and dedication. An excellent choice for small and medium size projects hosted in France.

  • Plan S € 49/1 year , 1 Domain, 2.5 GB. on SSD disks, 100 Gb monthly transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, image optimizer-
  • Plan M € 79/1 year , 1 Domain, 5 GB. on SSD disks, 200 Gb monthly transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, image optimizer-
  • Plan L -149 € / 1 year , Several Domains, 10 GB. on SSD disks, 400 Gb monthly transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, image optimizer-
  • Plan M -249 € / 1 year , Several Domains, 20 GB. on SSD disks, 800 Gb monthly transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, image optimizer-

Visit offer in Webempresa

* information sent by the Web Empresa team (Oct 18, 2018) Web Empresa stops offering specific web hosting for Prestashop. For new customers, they recommend using the Prestashop to WooCommerce migration tool – online store plugin based on CMS WordPress – online store for which they offer specific hosting. For clients who have contracted specific hosting to host websites based on online stores with Prestashop CMS, they will continue to receive support normally.

Source: Company Web. Communication made by email.

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Raiola Networks

raiola networks comparative

European company based in Lugo in the European hosting sector since 2014 and with impressive business growth and functionality and benefits. The servers are located like Web Empresa in France and in the same way it offers Europeans IP . It has excellent technical support with a very good response time, being available 24/7. It has a good and scalable product and is focused – unlike Web Empresa – to clients with all needs, from generic hosting to VPS and dedicated servers .

My experience and personal opinion using Raiola Networks

It has been a very good experience working using their servers, full of power so that the web runs very fast but with a price that is quite accessible for all budgets. In your case, I tried the SSD WordPress Home Hosting. They are quite quick to reply to technical support tickets and are very effective at helping out as much as possible. During the migration of the web they were pending of it and that the process was completed correctly. The machine hosting the Web, although i is hosted in France as well as Web Empresa.

  • Home SSD WordPress Hosting- € 5.95 / month , 1 Domains, 5 GB. on SSD disks, 100 Gb monthly transfer, 10 accounts, free SSL certificate, telephone technical support-
  • WordPress SSD Base Hosting- € 7.95 / month , 3 Domains, 10 GB. in SSD disks, 200 Gb monthly transfer, 20 email accounts, free SSL certificate, telephone technical support-
  • Medium WordPress SSD Hosting- € 9.95 / month , 5 Domains, 15 GB. on SSD disks, 300 Gb monthly transfer, 30 email accounts, free SSL certificate, telephone technical support-
  • PRO SSD WordPress Hosting- € 11.95 / month , 30 Domains, 30 GB. in SSD disks, 500 Gb monthly transfer, 50 email accounts, free SSL certificate, telephone technical support-

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factoria digital hosting

Factoría digital, is the trademark of Soluciones Internet, SLU. This hosting company offers services and a product of the highest quality in Europe. They focus on attracting a type of client who can invest a little more in their web hosting, they offer customer service and a more personalized service than other options available in Europe. When carrying out the transfer of the web, they optimize the web looking for an improvement in the loading time with respect to other companies or with respect to where we had the web server before. They also offer all the high-tech features such as: LiteSpeed ​​Enterprise servers, XCache, Oracle K-Splice, CloudLinux CageFS, Dell machines with Intel Hexa-Core CPUs, Samsung SSD disks along with optimization free on the web, achieving an improvement in the effective loading time and ensuring in thefactoría digital webpage that manage to improve the charging time up to 12X times faster. This provider’s attention is drawn to the higher price than all other competitors, however they justify that price with a 12x improvement in the speed of the web -in Magento-, and with a totally personalized service, very useful and satisfactory to the time to deal with the technical support technicians regularly. They offer personalized hosting for Magento, WordPress, PRestashop and woocommerce with a variable speed improvement in each of the services provided, being able to reach up to a 51x speed improvement in Prestashop .

My experience and personal opinion using Factoría Digital

It is a company that to count on to host the website of a project is to have the security of success in the election – even though it is the most expensive web hosting – but it is worth it. Like the two previous companies the technical support is excellent and quite fast. In the case of Factoría Digital, both commercial and technical support contacts are personalized so that you always speak with the same person, both through the ticket system and by phone. In your case, I have tried the basic Hosting and also the VPS for WordPress, the web runs very fast, improving SEO results. Another benefit that I have found when working with them is that the IP and the machine are Spanish, and they also help to optimize the CMS additionally and to to be able to investigate and carry out experiments to achieve a greater acceleration of the web project, having the impression that sometimes they are part of their own work team.

  • Unique WordPress € 99.50 / 1 year , 1 Domain, 5 GB. on SSD drives, unlimited transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, free CDN, web performance optimization, free domain-
  • Basic € 149.50 / 1 year , Unlimited domains, 10 GB. on SSD drives, unlimited transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, free CDN, web performance optimization, free domain-
  • Professional € 199.50 / 1 year , Unlimited domains, 20 GB. on SSD drives, unlimited transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, free CDN, web performance optimization, free domain-
  • Company € 299.50 / 1 year , Unlimited domains, 30 GB. on SSD drives, unlimited transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, free CDN, web performance optimization, free domain-
  • Factor SSD VPS WordPress4 99 € / month , Unlimited domains, 40 GB. in SSD disks, 400 Gb monthly transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, free CDN, server with 4 cores and 8 GB of RAM, web performance optimization, free domain-
  • Factor SSD VPS WordPress6 129 € / month , Unlimited domains, 60 GB. on SSD disks, 600 Gb monthly transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, free CDN, server with 6 cores and 12 GB of RAM, optional HHVM, web performance optimization, free domain-
  • Custom WordPress VPS SSD Factor personalized budget € / month , Unlimited domains, GB of space at will on SSD disks, Gb personalized monthly transfer, unlimited emails , Free SSL Certificate, Free CDN, Choose # of Cores: 8, 16, 24 or 32 RAM, Optional HHVM, Web Performance Optimization, Free Domain-

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* information sent by the Factoría Digital team (Jan 04, 2020) From January 04, 2020, shared hosting plans for Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce and WordPress. They go from having a capacity of 5Gb SSD, 10GB SSD and 15GB SSD respectively in Basic, Professional and Business, increasing to 10Gb SSD, 20GB SSD and 30GB. They also become multi-domain, that is, more than one website can be installed. Source: Digital Factory via email and the website of Factoría Digital.

**Information sent by the Factoría Digital team (Jul 20, 2018) Found by Factoría Digital that all customers have access to telephone support. Support for “business” customers takes priority. Source: Digital Factory in

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site ground hosting

Another heavyweight of international web hosting providers established in Europe. Site Ground has more than 1,600,000 domains hosted on its servers and its data processing centers are on 3 continents, allowing you to choose a location between Chicago in the USA, London in the UK, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Milan in Italy and Singapore . It provides a technical service and benefits in its European web hosting of very high quality. They also collaborate as partners of leading companies offering their software and performance solutions such as Softaculous, 1H, Spam Experts, Open Classifieds, Printful, SingleHop, SoftLayer, CloudFlare, OpenSRS, cPanel, or GlobalSign. They incorporate into the GoGeek plan useful features for creating professional development environments such as GIT and Staging with one click.

My experience and personal opinion using Site Ground

This company provides a high end quality web hosting. I took an intermediate wordpress plan, the Growbig in my case, managing to load the web in a very good time. The technical support and the help provided is of a high quality. I put a little “but” and this is that, although it has also been a very good experience working with them, the location of the closest Data Center in Spain is in the United Kingdom. However, for certain international projects, it can be useful as this company has data processing centers in various locations, being able to choose the center when hiring hosting.

  • StartUp – 0.33 € / month (special price) normal price 9.95 € / month, 1 Domain, 10 GB. on SSD drives, unlimited monthly transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, image optimizer, downtime greater than 0.1% per year, free Cludflare CDN-
  • GrowBig – € 0.33 / month (special price) normal price € 17.95 / month, Several Domains, 20 GB. on SSD drives, unlimited monthly transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, image optimizer, downtime greater than 0.1% per year, free Cludflare CDN, Server-level cache (they call it Supercacher) –
  • GoGeek – € 0.33 / month (special price) normal price € 29.95 / month, Several Domains, 30 GB. on SSD drives, unlimited monthly transfer, unlimited emails, free SSL certificate, image optimizer, downtime greater than 0.1% per year, free Cludflare CDN, server-level cache (they call it Supercacher), staging / cloning of advanced website for WordPress Joomla and Git.-

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  1. Site Ground has launched an aggressive offer in March 2020 for its web hosting and wordpress hosting of only € 0.33 / month due to the international health crisis of COVID19. Offer of € 0.33 / month due to international health crisis COVID19. SiteGround offers web hosting and wordpress hosting for three months at € 0.33 / month or 0.99 / quarter. Do you want this offer of € 0.33 / month of web hosting? Access the offer on the provider page here:

    Get the offer of € 0.33 / month to hire your hosting at Siteground

  2. * Additional information on the location of the IP sent by the Site Ground team (Aug 30, 2018): Thanks to their CDN agreement with CloudFlare, the web files will load on the world’s server closest to users. Source: