Technological surveillance and competitive intelligence on the Internet for companies.

Vigilancia tecnológica

The technological surveillance is defined as the capture, analysis and exploitation of useful information for the strategic decision making of a company.

Online Marketing and SEO, SEM and SMO technology can play a determining and strategic value applied to technological surveillance and competitive market intelligence for your company.
The objective of technological surveillance is to meet the information needs of the company, in order to better understand the environment, and favor strategic decision-making in the company: need for commercial information and know what my competitors and know the changes in my business environment in general, start new projects, international projects, study of competitors, among others …

How can Technology Watch help you on the Internet?

Strategic improvement of knowledge of your competition and the sector.

    • Studies of competitors on the Internet and their presence in search engines.
    • Audits of market sectors in search engines.
    • Technology and market alerts on any matter of interest: periodically sent news through electronic market bulletins, updates from competitors.

Let us help you?

Technology Watch. Why choose us?

We know and live on the Internet. Your strategic information is the most important thing.

  • We work obtaining strategic information from all possible means: websites, blogs, news channels, social networks, technology alerts, web directories, among others.
  • We know how to combine the obtaining of strategic information for your company formalized, written or recorded, containing the following sections: who, when, where and what.
  • We know how to present the information to you in a visible, attractive and simple way.
  • We work with international technological standards.
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